What is ISO...????

The ISO is the less sensitive it is to the light ,while a higher ISO  number increases the sensitivity of your camera .the component within your camera that can change sensitivity is called " images sensor"or simply sensor .

Simply define ISO range??

In the case of digital camera ,ISO sensitivity is the camera's ability to capture light .Digital convert the  light that falls on the image sensor into electrical signal for processing .ISO sensitivity is raised by amplifying the signal .


The higher the ISO number ,the more sensitive the sensor is to light ,while the lower ISO  number the less sensitive the image sensor is to light , the sensitivity of the image sensor affects your shutter speed and aperture combination in order to obtain a properly exposed picture ..

What does ISO affect???

ISO is the three determining factors of  a photo ,along with aperture and shutter speed .these two affect the lens and exposure  time respectively ,with the ISO affecting, the sensor or film to be  more specific ,the ISO determines how will be by changing the sensitivity . 

you can use ISO in photography ..


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