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How Can you ..Reduce shadow Recovery and back light problem photography ..

How Can you ..Reduce shadow Recovery and back light problem photography ..
Have you ever  get this kind of problem? Is this problem really annoying you? if your answer is yes and you want to know how to fix this problem, please read my simple tutorial.

Actually there are two main ways in order to get rid of backlight problem. First is avoid this problem and second is fix this problem. Avoid backlight means you need to take photo in good condition, good technical setting, good lighting, etc – and it can be done before you take photo. Many people use reflector and flash to avoid backlight problem – they also use spot metering and increase exposure bias to avoid backlight problem. Fix backlight problem means you have a backlight photo but you try to fix it – many people will delete the photograph because the photo is really unacceptable (except you take shillouete photograph). In this tutorial, I will share my simple way to fix backlight problem – I use photoshop CS4 but you also can do …

How Can I Remove ...Wrinkles ...Using Photoshop(cc)

How Can   I Remove ...Wrinkles ...Using Photoshop(cc)
Sometimes, skin needs an overall touch-up. It could be in addition to the other two techniques we’ve looked at or in place of frequency separation. , named after the retoucher who invented it, is particularly effective for quick, overall smoothing that retains skin texture. Like frequency separation,  is very technical to set up, but the reward is worth the effort.
I like to use this technique for smoothing out poorly applied foundation makeup, evening out skin tone, or correcting skin with large pores or patches of small breakouts. The byRo Method is also ideal when the subject has beautiful skin, hasn’t worn makeup, and needs just that tiny bit of evening out. Consider this technique, too, when the camera lens is so sharp and clear as to be cruel. (My favourite portrait lens, for example, is a 100mm macro lens, but it is so sharp and clear that I usually have to adjust for it in post-processing.) I also use  in combination with …

Photography (lover)

Photography ,,,(lover)...:)


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How to retouch beauty photography (smooth and soft skin).??

How to retouch beauty photography (smooth and soft skin).??Ultimate guide of beauty.. All about beauty retouching and how to use adjustment layers, lighting, dodging and burning, and frequency separation to create stunning skin tones...

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to smooth and soften skin in Photoshop without blurring out important image details, like the person’s eyes and mouth, and while keeping as much good skin texture as we can...
The method we’ll be learning is actually a variation on a similar method used for advanced image sharpening, which serves as a great example of why it’s much more important to understand how things work in Photoshop, and why you’re doing what you’re doing, rather than simply memorizing a bunch of steps...
Of course, before we soften the skin, we should first remove any unwanted blemishes, so this tutorial will really be in two parts. We'll start off by learning how to quickly remove pimples and other small problem areas using Photoshop's…