How do you make a leaflet....??

1.  You can choose file any file > New > Document...
2.  Start by adding a colorful images to the leaflet background 
3.  Then you can select type tool and drag the box
4.  Then you can write a text as your requirements 
5.   Then you can match the text colors in the artwork to create a polished look 

How can i make my own brochure...??  

1 .Open a word document ....
2. on the upper left ,click the " file" menu...
3. In the left vertical column ,click the "New "tab.
4. Select "Brochures and booklets "from the available templates .
5. Select "Brochures" from the available templates .
6. Chose the kind of brochure you wish to use.

How do you make a three fold brochure ..??

1.Open a new word document .
2. Under PAGE LAYOUT >PAGE SETUP,Open the dialogue box for more options.
3. In the dialogue box ,change all the MARGINS to .5"and change the ORIENTATION to "Landscape".click ok to close the dialogue  box 
4.Next ,click the COLUMNS drop down under PAGE LAYOUT .   


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